Tattoo Designs: 7 Best Options for Your First Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Designs for Your First Time

As you go through life, you also go through many different experiences. Some are times of celebration while others are times of adversity.

Many people choose to show those experiences by getting a tattoo with a deep meaning behind it, you might be interested in doing the same.

However, if this is your first time getting a tattoo, you may not know where to begin when picking the style. There are several different styles to choose from, all of which can land you the best tattoo for your skin. Visit our Las Vegas Tattoo shop for more tattoo ideas.

Consider all of the best designs for first tattoos listed below and see which one fits you best and then come and see us at a Teitan Tattoo shop near you.

1. Music Notes

One of the most expressive tattoos that you can choose to get on your body will be a design that includes music notes on it.

If you feel that music has played a heavy influence on your life, then show that off in the form of a music notes tattoo. The notes you choose could have deeper meaning such as the star wars score, a theme song of your favorite show, etc.

Not to mention that music notes make awesome wrist tattoos that you can have featured on your skin. Everyone will ask about its meaning and it’s an awesome icebreaker.

More importantly, it can be a tattoo that always makes you smile whenever you see it and that’s the most important aspect of all.

2. Tribal Tattoos

Alright, raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a tribal tattoo like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s and thought that it would look good on you as well.

What’s amazing about tribal tattoos is that they have just as much depth to them as they do beauty.

In fact, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tattoo which covers his arm, shoulder, and chest is a collection of tattoos that all have a story behind them.

While yours doesn’t have to be that thorough, you should definitely consider the signs you’d want to use. Better yet, start off with a base and add to it for years to come.

3. Bible Verses

Some people use tattoos as inspiration. They take a quote that’s played a heavy role in their life and place it as a symbol on their bodies. If you’re religious, what better symbol could there be (other than a cross, perhaps) that defines your goals in life? These look great in Lacey designs.

The verse that you chose may not only be a verse that you need to see on a daily basis but those around you that may need an inspirational spark.

Getting a bible verse tattoo can take up as much or as little space on your body as you desire, making it the perfect tattoo for first-timers.

4. Graffiti

Maybe you’re the type that views tattoos just as the painting on a side of a large building — the tattoos will show off your style.

If so, there’s no better tattoo design for creativity and personal vibe than graffiti tattoos.

In fact, you can literally take a piece of graffiti from the side of a building and use it as the main inspiration for your tattoo. You’ll give the tattoo artist something to go off of while using their creativity to make it unique to you.

5. Paws

Everyone’s favorite being in their life has and always will be the furry friend(s) that they get to come home to.

Whether you’re a cat person, dog person, or both person, you can show that off with a paw tattoo.

Do you have a few pets and aren’t sure which one to pick? Why play favorites? Get a paw for each pet with their name’s first initial inside of it. Now they’ll be with you wherever you go — as if they weren’t always on your mind as is!

6. Cartoons

Why shouldn’t your first tattoo be as fun as you are? You live a goofy lifestyle that’s probably been inspired by a cartoon character or two — show that off!

Cartoon tattoos can literally show off whatever you want them to. Maybe it’s your favorite animal, video game, a drawing your child drew, or a personal twist on one of your favorite cartoon characters.

The argument can be made that these tattoos allow you to express yourself the most.

Once again, these will be a phenomenal icebreaker for any conversation and a tattoo you’ll always enjoy having!

7. Family Dedication

You’re all about family, it’s more important to you than anything else in this life.

Show that off with the first tattoo that you get. There are several ways to give a nod to your family.

You can find your family crest and have that tattooed, make a symbol for each person (such as stars or hearts), or use the family last name somewhere.

Regardless, it’s something you’ll always have a love for. Your dedication to your family isn’t going anywhere, so that makes it a perfect candidate for your first ever tattoo.

How to take care of your new tattoo.

Best Designs for First Tattoos: Find One with Meaning

best designs for first tattoos

best designs for first tattoos

What makes the best designs for popular first tattoos is the meaning behind what you get tattooed on you.

Don’t just get one just to say you got your first tattoo. Be sure to think long and hard about what you might want, then do some research.

Make sure to read up on how our tattoo shop can help you create the first tattoo you’ve always dreamed of.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you further.