Traditional Tattoos

Traditional Tattoos

The History of Traditional Tattoos and Why They’re Still So Popular Today

Back in the 1930’s, traditional tattoos were reserved for sailors and rebels. Nowadays, this striking design can be found on all different types of people.

Today is the day that you get your first tattoo. While a lot of different designs and styles stand out to you, the dark lines and colorful nature of the traditional tattoos on display stand out to you. Where did this bold style of tattoo come from?

Well, it all goes back to the 1930s. Back then the only ones who bore these tattoos were sailors and those seeking to be rebels. With their reputation and the questionable sanitary nature of the parlors, it took a while for these tattoos to take off.

Before you commit to your tattoo choice, keep reading to learn more about the bold history of traditional tattoos and the different styles that are still popular today.  Visit the our Las Vegas tattoo shop when ready for your next tattoo.

1. Traditional Tattoo Timeline

The origin of tattoos can be traced back for thousands of years. Some 3,000-year-old mummies have even been found with them. The first tattoo parlors didn’t start popping up until the 1900s.

It only took 9 years after that for the government to pass a bill stating that those with obscene tattoos would be rejected for military service. Many rushed to parlors to get their more questionable tattoos covered up with something else.

This bill was only the start of a tattooing decline that would last until fine art tattooing was introduced.

World Wars

Before World War II began, many sailors got tattoos done at parlors in China and Japan. This would mark the first time that Asian art was brought over to the US.

After World War II tattooing suffered a major decline. When sailors got back their wives found their tattoos to be distasteful, to say the least. These tatted sailors also had problems finding jobs.

On top of this, many parlors were deemed unsanitary. One American tattooer by the name of Charlie Wagner was even sued because he was caught not sterilizing his needles.

Fine Art Tattooing

The decline in tattooing lasted until the late 1960s when fine art tattooing came into play. This began with a man by the name of Norman Collins, better known as Sailor Jerry.

His style combined the Asian art style with iconic imagery from America. Throughout his career, he worked with a variety of other tattooers from around the globe in order to fix the common issues in parlors.

In the 1970s his apprentice Ed Hardy opened up his own shop. It was the first appointment based shop to come about. It was around this time that tattoos became popular for men and women alike.

With the Vietnam War in full swing, many hippies started to get images of peace signs and marijuana leaves tattooed on their bodies as an act of protest. Perfect style for a small wrist tattoo.


Tattoos, while still seen as a bit un-tasteful to some workplaces are a lot more widely accepted today. Many people go the traditional tattoo route as they still hold some of the same meaning today as they did back then.

Taking care of your tattoo

2. Characteristics of Traditional Tattoos

Traditional tattoos stand apart from the crowd with their bold lines, bright colors and small amounts of shading. The images can include women, skulls, anchors, snakes and many more. We’re going to go over some of the most popular types and what they stand for.

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle tattoo is a staple choice for those who are all about America. Due to the bird’s grace and fierce nature, it’s been a popular subject matter in traditional tattoos since pretty much the beginning.


Swallow tattoos hold several different meanings. Some sailors got the tattoo once they sailed over 5,000 miles as an act of celebration. Some got it for a much more sentimental reason, however.

You see, no matter how far a Swallow travels, it returns to the same nest each year in order to mate. So, sailors would get one Swallow tattooed on them before they left for the open seas and then get a second one when they came back. This practice sort of acted as their promise to always return to their loved one.


You’ve probably seen the depiction of an anchor with the word “mom” written on it in cartoons. This is actually quite a popular traditional tattoo choice. It symbolizes something that keeps you grounded.

Usually, this thing is the name of a person like your mom. Hince getting the anchor tattoo with the name of someone special written on it.


Skull tattoos were quite popular with adventurers and sailors back in the day. A person bearing this tattoo showed that they were unafraid of facing death head-on. Skulls are still a popular traditional tattoo choice today.


Back in the day, women weren’t allowed to be sailors so men would go months upon months without seeing one. These men would get tattoos of women to remind themselves of what they have waiting for them back at home.

Many men still get pin-up tattoos done today. Sometimes in the likeness of their significant others.


Snakes are a symbol of strength and power. It can also represent throwing away the past due to the fact that snakes shed their skin. Some simply get a tattoo of a snake because they look cool.

Either way, you may get a few looks. Even today many see snakes as a symbol of wickedness because of their depiction in the Christian Bible.

The Complete History of Traditional Tattoos

As you sit down in a chair to get your first tattoo, consider going with traditional tattoos. They have a rich background and with their bold lines and bright colors, they look super cool. Try out one of the designs that you’ve read about here and embrace history.

Are you ready to get your own traditional tattoo? Contact us to tell us about what you want to get or ask questions about our services.

Check out other popular tattoo styles at Teitan Tattoo.

Best Tattoo Designs for Your First Time

Best Tattoo Designs for Your First Time

Tattoo Designs: 7 Best Options for Your First Tattoo

7 Best Tattoo Designs for Your First Time

As you go through life, you also go through many different experiences. Some are times of celebration while others are times of adversity.

Many people choose to show those experiences by getting a tattoo with a deep meaning behind it, you might be interested in doing the same.

However, if this is your first time getting a tattoo, you may not know where to begin when picking the style. There are several different styles to choose from, all of which can land you the best tattoo for your skin. Visit our Las Vegas Tattoo shop for more tattoo ideas.

Consider all of the best designs for first tattoos listed below and see which one fits you best and then come and see us at a Teitan Tattoo shop near you.

1. Music Notes

One of the most expressive tattoos that you can choose to get on your body will be a design that includes music notes on it.

If you feel that music has played a heavy influence on your life, then show that off in the form of a music notes tattoo. The notes you choose could have deeper meaning such as the star wars score, a theme song of your favorite show, etc.

Not to mention that music notes make awesome wrist tattoos that you can have featured on your skin. Everyone will ask about its meaning and it’s an awesome icebreaker.

More importantly, it can be a tattoo that always makes you smile whenever you see it and that’s the most important aspect of all.

2. Tribal Tattoos

Alright, raise your hand if you’ve ever seen a tribal tattoo like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s and thought that it would look good on you as well.

What’s amazing about tribal tattoos is that they have just as much depth to them as they do beauty.

In fact, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s tattoo which covers his arm, shoulder, and chest is a collection of tattoos that all have a story behind them.

While yours doesn’t have to be that thorough, you should definitely consider the signs you’d want to use. Better yet, start off with a base and add to it for years to come.

3. Bible Verses

Some people use tattoos as inspiration. They take a quote that’s played a heavy role in their life and place it as a symbol on their bodies. If you’re religious, what better symbol could there be (other than a cross, perhaps) that defines your goals in life? These look great in Lacey designs.

The verse that you chose may not only be a verse that you need to see on a daily basis but those around you that may need an inspirational spark.

Getting a bible verse tattoo can take up as much or as little space on your body as you desire, making it the perfect tattoo for first-timers.

4. Graffiti

Maybe you’re the type that views tattoos just as the painting on a side of a large building — the tattoos will show off your style.

If so, there’s no better tattoo design for creativity and personal vibe than graffiti tattoos.

In fact, you can literally take a piece of graffiti from the side of a building and use it as the main inspiration for your tattoo. You’ll give the tattoo artist something to go off of while using their creativity to make it unique to you.

5. Paws

Everyone’s favorite being in their life has and always will be the furry friend(s) that they get to come home to.

Whether you’re a cat person, dog person, or both person, you can show that off with a paw tattoo.

Do you have a few pets and aren’t sure which one to pick? Why play favorites? Get a paw for each pet with their name’s first initial inside of it. Now they’ll be with you wherever you go — as if they weren’t always on your mind as is!

6. Cartoons

Why shouldn’t your first tattoo be as fun as you are? You live a goofy lifestyle that’s probably been inspired by a cartoon character or two — show that off!

Cartoon tattoos can literally show off whatever you want them to. Maybe it’s your favorite animal, video game, a drawing your child drew, or a personal twist on one of your favorite cartoon characters.

The argument can be made that these tattoos allow you to express yourself the most.

Once again, these will be a phenomenal icebreaker for any conversation and a tattoo you’ll always enjoy having!

7. Family Dedication

You’re all about family, it’s more important to you than anything else in this life.

Show that off with the first tattoo that you get. There are several ways to give a nod to your family.

You can find your family crest and have that tattooed, make a symbol for each person (such as stars or hearts), or use the family last name somewhere.

Regardless, it’s something you’ll always have a love for. Your dedication to your family isn’t going anywhere, so that makes it a perfect candidate for your first ever tattoo.

How to take care of your new tattoo.

Best Designs for First Tattoos: Find One with Meaning

best designs for first tattoos

best designs for first tattoos

What makes the best designs for popular first tattoos is the meaning behind what you get tattooed on you.

Don’t just get one just to say you got your first tattoo. Be sure to think long and hard about what you might want, then do some research.

Make sure to read up on how our tattoo shop can help you create the first tattoo you’ve always dreamed of.

For more inquiries, please feel free to reach out via our contact us page and we’ll be happy to discuss things with you further.

Wrist Tattoo

Wrist Tattoo

A Constant Reminder: 11 Stunning Wrist Tattoo Ideas

A Constant Reminder: 11 Stunning Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Want to be able to admire your tattoo whenever you want? Then you should consider getting it on your wrist. Here are 11 incredibly unique wrist tattoo ideas available at Teitan Tattoo.

In America, about 36% of people have tattoos.

Tattoos are a good way to express your interests, thoughts, and ideas. You have so many choices of where to put your tattoo, and you want to make sure that you put the tattoo in the perfect spot.

Want to be able to admire your tattoo whenever you want? Then you should consider getting it on your wrist. Here are 11 incredibly unique wrist tattoo ideas. Here are some other popular first time tattoo designs.

1. Music Notes

If you play an instrument or if music has made an impact on your life, getting some music notes on your wrist may be a good way to show your love of the art.

There are so many things you can do with the music notes. You could get different symbols tattooed around your wrist. If you have a favorite song, you could even find some of the sheet music and have that tattooed to add even more meaning.

2. Map

Some people really love traveling, and if you’re one of those people, there are so many different things you could get to signify that.

You could get a small map of the world as a minimalist tattoo. If you want to add some more fun and color into it, you can always color in a new country after you visit it.

That way it’s a living memory of where you’ve been and where you have left to go.


Sometimes the best way to say something is using actual words rather than symbols.

Quotes are very popular tattoos, and the possibilities are endless. You could pick a favorite quote, something that makes you laugh, some advice someone gave to you – whatever you want.

You can also play with how big the font is to make sure that you can fit all of the desired quotes on your wrist. If it’s a short quote, you could even have a subtle one.

4. Feather

Feathers can be really symbolic, and they are actually a very trendy tattoo to get right now. A feather is flexible, which means that it can naturally fit on the curve of your wrist if you want something to wrap around.

If you just wanted a small feather on the side of your wrist, you could do that too.

If you wanted to add a little extra flair, you can add some words and flowers or even some birds to it.

One popular tattoo to get is that of a feather with pieces of it falling off to turn into birds.

5. Stars

There are so many opportunities with star tattoos if you really want to get one.

A small, simple one on the corner of your wrist could be enough to make you smile every time you think about it.

You could also get a constellation of stars that have some significance to you.

You may even want to do a whole space theme with little stars in between. You could also do black and white or add some color.

6. Bands

One popular tattoo is tribal-type bands.

These tattoos are dark, thick circular lines on your wrist. Some people have them on their upper arm as well.

You can put as many as you want and experiment with different patterns as well. Some people even put bands on both wrists.

7. Zodiac Sign

A zodiac sign could be the perfect way to convey who you are to people.

This will let everyone know what kind of personality you have and what to expect from you. The wrist is the perfect place to put a zodiac tattoo because when people shake your hand, the tattoo will first catch their eye.

8. Moon Phase

If you wanted to continue with an astronomy theme, you could also get a tattoo of the moon or its phases.

Tattoos have been around for 5,200 years, and a popular tattoo that many people get is that of the moon and its phases.

If you do get the phases of the moon, this will flow perfectly down the back of your wrist. This could add a very aesthetic theme when paired with stars on your other wrist.

9. Fandom Tattoo

If you have a favorite fandom, like Marvel, Star Wars, or the Lord of the Rings series, you could get something inspired by that.

There are all kinds of wrist tattoo ideas for fandoms that you can find on Pinterest.

It may be a favorite quote, a logo, or a silhouette of your favorite character. But whichever you choose, this is a great way to show your love and dedication to the fandom.

If you have a friend who also loves the fandom, there are so many opportunities to get matching tattoos as well.

10. Abstract Lines

A new trend in tattoos is to also get abstract lines.

This way it leaves it up to interpretation for other people as to what it is, but it may have a deeper, significant meaning for you.

11. Semicolon Tattoo

Lastly, semicolon tattoos are also incredibly popular and meaningful.

With #Projectsemicolon, many people started getting semicolons tattooed on them to signify that they didn’t end their life. The purpose of the semicolon is that when an author could’ve ended the sentence, they didn’t.

The put a semicolon and just kept going.

Get a Wrist Tattoo Today!

wrist tattoo

wrist tattoo

If you haven’t gotten a tattoo yet, a wrist tattoo is the perfect one to get. For more inspiration, check out our blog or some of our popular tattoos.

It can be subtle while also still having a ton of meaning on a part of your body where you will be able to see it all the time.

If you’re ready to get your tattoo today, make sure you contact us!

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Popular Tattoos

Popular Tattoos

Popular Tattoos: Top 9 Most Popular Tattoo Styles of All Time

Popular Tattoos: Top 9 Most Popular Tattoo Styles of All Time

At Teitan Tattoo minimalist tattoos are just one of several popular tattoo styles. Keep reading for popular tattoos: top 9 most popular tattoo styles of all time.

Do you know every popular tattoo style? With this list, you’ll be thinking twice. From new school styles to blackwork designs, there are a plethora of tattoo styles to choose from. But with this extensive guide, you can find what you like and what you don’t. Let’s take a look at nine of the most well-known tattoo styles of all time:

Traditional American Tattoos 

The traditional American style is one of the most recognizable styles of tattoos. Featuring bold lines, shiny colors, and classic designs like roses, anchors, and eagles. The traditional America style has adapted and evolved over time to encompass years of America culture.

Not to mention, it’s one style that ages gracefully so you don’t have to pay for touch-ups every few years. Instead, it maintains its color, readability, and meaning for years to come.

Japanese Designs 

As one of the oldest and yet one of the most beloved tattoos on this list, Japanese tattoos have been popular for ages. Since they tell a story of Japanese folklore, Japanese tattoos are known to feature mythological creatures, Japanese heroes, and woodblock prints. Small Japanese symbols are perfect for wrist tattoos.

While traditional Japanese artists tattoo by hand; however, many modern artists use machines to complete their work. Since Japanese designs tend to be large, detailed, and vibrant with color, many artists suggest abiding by tattoo aftercare rules. If the tattoo is not cared for properly, it can become infected.

Tribal Styles

Tribal tattoos were established by Polynesian and Pacific communities centuries ago. The word tattoo was even established by the Samoan word tatau, which means “to mark.” Today, tribal tattoos have become popular for their uniqueness as well as their ability to represent personal freedom.

Although in today’s mass media, tribal tattoos have become known to be worn by men. While women’s tribal tattoos are abundant; however, their styling is different from men’s. With styles that echo feminine features and embrace a person’s sexuality, tribal tattoos have become one of the most requested tattoos in the business.

Popular Blackwork Styles 

Blackwork tattoos feature black ink and negative space to design tattoos with high contrast. Tattoo artists use a variety of concepts such as geometric shapes, linework, and ornamental designs to create unique tattoos. Many artists experiment with the style borrowing ascetic features from tribal tattoos and abstract patterns.

The blackwork style has a long history of popularity dating back to ancient times. Even today, blackwork is considered one of the most popular tattoos of all time. Due to its simplicity, blackwork has garnered a limitless aesthetic.

Popular Tattoos Featuring Black and Grey  

Black and grey tattoos require an artist to have extensive knowledge of black ink. Since grey can have a negative impact on a design, most artists tend not to work with it. However, those that do need to know how to contrast in order to prevent the design from looking muddy.

Black and grey tattoos have increased in popularity due to social media. There are a plethora of patterns that feature geometric shapes, linework, animals, and even lettering.

Portrait Designs

Portrait tattoos have gained popularity from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media sites. The goal of portrait tattoos is to replicate the photo given, so the tattoo has an exceptional likeness to the photograph. These tattoos tend to have great significance to the person; whether it’s a favorite celebrity, a deceased loved one, or a beloved cat.

However, portrait tattoos tend to take a long time to complete. On average, a portrait tattoo takes between seven to twelve hours to finish. In order to accomplish such precise detailing, portrait tattoos cannot be rushed.

Abstract Styles 

Instead of featuring physical objects, abstract tattoos use linework, geometric shapes, and splatter to create breathtaking designs. Tattoo artists usually freehanded these designs on to the client to cover large spaces quickly. That way, unlike other tattoo styles, abstract tattoos don’t take as long to create.

While abstract tattoos may seem as if they have no meaning at all, the truth is quite the contrary. Abstract tattoos can be a personal reflection, a hint at evolution, or a person’s love for art. The personal nature of abstract tattoos makes it one of the most popular tattoos.

Our newest Las Vegas tattoo shop is now open.

Illustrative Designs

Illustrative tattoos focus much of its techniques on fine art. Using skills like contouring, hatching, and fine line calligraphy, illustrative tattoos have become a favorite among art lovers. Due to its versatile style, tattoo artists can blend in their unique aesthetic and create a new approach.

Over the years, illustrative tattoos have grown in popularity due to social media sites. Especially on Instagram, where art has been a fan favorite for the site. With its artsy style, illustrative tattoos stand out as one of the more popular tattoos for personal expression. More popular tattoo designs for first timers.

Watercolor Tattoos 

Watercolor tattoos are another example of fine arts contribution to the tattoo industry. Instead of immortalizing drawings on your body like illustrative tattoos, watercolor tattoos embrace painting. Many tattoo artists can replicate famous paintings, use concepts to create brush strokes, and create pastel colors on the skin.

The use of watercolor tattoos has become a new trend, like illustrative tattoos, social media has played a big factor in influencing tattoo styles. However, rumored to not age well, many people have become hesitate on receiving a watercolor tattoo. While some love the tat for its artsy musings, watercolor tattoos are still seen as a risky choice.

Popular New School Styles 

The term new school isn’t so new, after all. Instead, the style of new school tattoos has evolved from the early ’80s to the late ’90s. These tattoos feature bright colors, animated characters, and unbalanced portions.

The style is often referred to as “cartoonish” for it’s heavy outlining and realistic shading methods. However, the style is reminiscent of American’s culture of that time period. As one of the most sought after styles, new school tattoos are beloved for their wacky potential.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, tattoo styles range from detailed and simplistic to wacky and cartoonish. However, today’s tattoo trends primary revolves around fine art.

With styles like illustrative, portrait design, and black and grey styles, innovative tattoo design is on the rise. If you ever want to get one of these popular tattoos, contact us on our tattoo blog.

Lace Tattoo

Lace Tattoo

The Lace Tattoo: A Vintage Design for the 21st Century Female

The Lace Tattoo: A Vintage Design for the 21st Century Female

Explore one of the most popular tattoo styles adored by females with lace tattoo designs – a timeless vintage look that exceeds the boundaries of lovely.

A lace tattoo can embody many different styles, from romantic to alluring. Lace has a multifaceted design that transitions well into tattoo designs. You can bring in designs to an artist and watch it come to life on your skin. And thanks to its uniqueness and versatility, there are plenty of lace tattoo designs to choose from.

But trends come and go! The same design you love today could be the design you despise several years from now. Explore one of the most popular tattoo styles adored by females with lace tattoo designs – a timeless vintage look that you’ll possibly want forever.

Choosing the Type of Lace Tattoo Design

Once you decide on a design and placement, you can discuss the process with any artists. Perhaps they’ll use a single needle to create sharper crisscrossing lines of the pattern. Or if you have lace tattoo designs with a lot of shading, which requires a bundle of different needles.

Flowers and Lace

Flowers and lace compliment each other in any lace tattoo design. Roses can symbolize elegance, beauty, and grace. The delicacy of rose petals is feminine and when combined with lace, looks very sophisticated. The lace adds bold lines and depth to a lace tattoo — adding color in the lace or flowers will also enhance the artwork.

You might also enjoy a more vintage look of black and gray. You could choose to add shading where color would be. You could also consider embellishments like filigree and dangles to design a more timeless piece.

Gems and Jewels

Another common lace tattoo design includes the use of gems. The lace and the dangles creates a delicate charm and refinement.  Adding a little lace to your gem tattoo or vice versa gives a three-dimensional effect to the artwork.

Lace has such distinct line work that it helps billow around the gems and create a more cohesive design.

Garter or Lace Stockings

A very trendy lace tattoo is the garter or lace stocking. This simple tattoo works in black and gray or in color. This design is a beautiful and feminine design with plenty of sex appeal. Similar to corsets or garter belts, this lace tattoo design has a playful and seductive spin.

Most lace tattoos can fit anywhere on the body but this particular design is made specifically for the upper thigh. For a more traditional garter look, add decorative flourishes and dangles. It’s also a great design to add colors such as red or white to.

Large Lacy Designs

It’s easy for an artist at a tattoo shop to create a beautiful and intricate pattern. Tattooed lace can make this process even easier. You can use lace to create a peacock or a bow along your thigh, for example.

Those rhythmic lines and patterns of the lace look great on the skin. Some lace tattoo designs can even look like a shawl over your shoulders. The lace also softens any part of the body versus typical large, bold tattoos.

Skull Tattoos

Lace and skulls are classic, timeless designs that combine beauty and death elegantly. You could choose to surround the skull with lace or you could also use the lace pattern to create this skull design. A popular piece involves a candy skull and looks especially good when lace is incorporated.

Take a look at the best tattoo designs for your first time

Choosing the Placement of Your Tattoo

Lace tattoo designs are some of the most versatile tattoo designs around. They can fit on every area of the body and add a special artistic touch. But there are certain designs that definitely work better in some places than others.

Hands and Wrist

Having a lace tattoo on your fingers and wrist creates a delicate, billowy design that works well along those elegant bones. The lace design can also be made to look like a ring that connects to a larger wrist design. Some people have also created a small bracelet of lace as a tattoo.


Patterns along shoulders and collar bones can wrap around the area and accentuate your curves. And a lace tattoo design might flow around the shoulder or collar bone to allow elements of the design to drape towards your biceps. It’s sharp, it’s bold, and it’s a unique spot for a lace tattoo.


Lace tattoo designs along the neck can create a very Victorian vibe. One design could mimic a choker that wraps firmly around your neck. You could make these thin or thick designs based on your body type or build.

You could also have the lace design draped like a necklace around your neck or incorporate designs to work along the back of the nape of your neck. More ideas can be found on the Las Vegas tattoo blog.


The back is a large canvas to accommodate an elaborate lace design. You could have a graceful chandelier-type design using flowing beads and chains. Or you can create a more cohesive design using hearts, birds, or a more abstract design.

Legs and Ankle

Lace tattoo designs not only make for a great garter piece but can be used as an anklet too. This design is perfect to wrap around the bones of the ankle and follow your curves magnificently. Loose beads and dangles are also great touches for the toes as they favor a henna-like design.


Lace is tantalizing and depending on where you place your tattoo, it can really add to its effect. Adding lace alongside your bellybutton or underneath the breasts can help push the appeal. These types of lace designs also work great with any piercings you may have.

The Bottom Line

Lace TattooGetting a tattoo is a choice that only you should make. Yet, if you’re ready for something symbolic of beauty, grace, and sensuality than a lace tattoo is your answer. It’s a multipurpose, customizable design perfect for any person.

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Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoo Aftercare: Everything You Need to Know

Tattoo aftercare is very important if you want your tattoo to look great. Check out this guide to learn the top tattoo aftercare tips.

What percentage of Americans has a tattoo? Any guesses? Well, according to a recent study, it turns out that a whopping 46% of us have been inked at least once! That is nearly half the population. Believe it or not, the United States doesn’t even take the honors when it comes to the countries with the most tattooed residents. Both Italy and Sweden have a higher percentage of citizens with tattoos, coming in with 48% and 47%, respectively.

If you have gotten a tattoo before, you know that there is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush that accompanies the buzz of the needle. It’s one reason why so many people refer to tattoos and other body modification procedures, like piercing and scarification, as addictive.

One essential element of getting inked, however, is tattoo aftercare. You can run into serious trouble if you don’t take caring for your tattoo seriously. Read on to learn about the risks and ramifications of permanently marking up your skin, and how to avoid them!

What Are Some of the Risks of Tattoos?

Tattoos, like any procedure that is performed on the human body, carry with them some risks. It’s possible to be allergic to the ink that is used for tattoos. If your tattoo artist isn’t scrupulously clean and careful about her tools, there is also a risk of blood-borne diseases such as Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, and HIV.

By far the most common negative side effect of getting a tattoo, however, is infection. You put yourself at risk for an infection any time your skin is broken, and of course that happens hundreds or thousands of times as a tattoo needle piercing your epidermis.

Infections can range from a mild redness and swelling that your body fights off without any issues to potentially fatal. In between, there is a whole host of things that can go wrong if the infection spreads.

The Best Way to Avoid Infection

The good news? It’s not that hard to avoid an infection if you practice good tattoo aftercare.

At the end of your tattoo session, your artist will cover the tattooed area of your skin with a thin layer of petroleum jelly and some plastic wrap or a gauze dressing. Leave these on for at least the first few hours. They not only protect against infection, but also keep your skin from being irritated by rubbing against your clothing.

Later that day or the next day, you can remove the dressing and wash your tattoo with very mild, fragrance-free soap and water. It is no longer necessary to keep it covered, and in fact, you should avoid wearing tight clothing until it’s healed.

Cover the tattoo with petroleum jelly or another heavy-duty ointment or cream.  You want to keep your tattoo moist, but steer clear of anything with fragrance or added chemicals. Do not use sunscreen on your tattoo until after it heals. Instead, wear sun-protective clothing or avoid being in the sun at all.

Another no-no is immersing your new tattoo in water. It’s fine to take showers, but don’t take baths, go swimming, or relax in a hot tub unless you can easily keep your ink out of the water.

What You’ll See During Tattoo Aftercare

First-timers can be caught unawares by the transformation that a tattoo undergoes during the days and weeks following the procedure. It will take up to three months for your tattoo to look as bright and crisp as you want it to. In the meantime, its appearance may even be alarming.

In the first few days, you might see ink exuding from the tattoo. This is totally normal. It’s just excess ink, and there is no need to worry. There’s still plenty of ink to do the job of making your tattoo vibrant and beautiful.

While your skin is probably going to be red and maybe a bit tender for the first day or two, the tattoo itself might look dull or cloudy. Continue to wash your tattoo with mild soap, twice a day.

Since a tattoo is technically a wound, it will scab. You will also notice dried ink flaking off your skin. This can cause a lot of people to panic, thinking that their tattoo is flaking away. Remember that this is absolutely to be expected. When scabs start to form, make sure to keep your skin moisturized with a gentle cream or a natural oil.

Whatever you do, do not pick at the scabs! Doing so can alter the ultimate appearance of your tattoo. It also invites infection to make itself at home.

These Are the Signs of Infection to Watch Out For

Be on the lookout for signs of infection, especially in the first two weeks or so after getting the tattoo. Here are some symptoms that you should not ignore.

  • Continued or excessive redness of the surrounding skin
  • A rash or bumps on the skin
  • A fever, sweats, chills, or shaking
  • Swelling that does not resolve
  • Excessive drainage
  • Pain in the area

While getting a tattoo can be painful, the pain should subside within a few hours. If your ink causes you pain in the days or weeks to follow, contact your tattoo artist or your doctor. You should seek medical attention if you notice any of these signs of infection.

You can always return to the tattoo studio to have yourself checked out. Don’t be afraid of looking silly or being overcautious. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to your physical health.

Ready To Get Some Ink?

Tattoo AftercareIn the final analysis, tattoos are generally safe if the artist follows best practices concerning cleanliness and sterile tools. And although the risk of infection is there, you can mitigate it by taking excellent care of your tattoo during the healing process. Learn what proper tattoo aftercare consists of, and follow the instruction to the letter. You’ll be showing off your gorgeous new ink in no time!

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