The Lace Tattoo: A Vintage Design for the 21st Century Female

The Lace Tattoo: A Vintage Design for the 21st Century Female

Explore one of the most popular tattoo styles adored by females with lace tattoo designs – a timeless vintage look that exceeds the boundaries of lovely.

A lace tattoo can embody many different styles, from romantic to alluring. Lace has a multifaceted design that transitions well into tattoo designs. You can bring in designs to an artist and watch it come to life on your skin. And thanks to its uniqueness and versatility, there are plenty of lace tattoo designs to choose from.

But trends come and go! The same design you love today could be the design you despise several years from now. Explore one of the most popular tattoo styles adored by females with lace tattoo designs – a timeless vintage look that you’ll possibly want forever.

Choosing the Type of Lace Tattoo Design

Once you decide on a design and placement, you can discuss the process with any artists. Perhaps they’ll use a single needle to create sharper crisscrossing lines of the pattern. Or if you have lace tattoo designs with a lot of shading, which requires a bundle of different needles.

Flowers and Lace

Flowers and lace compliment each other in any lace tattoo design. Roses can symbolize elegance, beauty, and grace. The delicacy of rose petals is feminine and when combined with lace, looks very sophisticated. The lace adds bold lines and depth to a lace tattoo — adding color in the lace or flowers will also enhance the artwork.

You might also enjoy a more vintage look of black and gray. You could choose to add shading where color would be. You could also consider embellishments like filigree and dangles to design a more timeless piece.

Gems and Jewels

Another common lace tattoo design includes the use of gems. The lace and the dangles creates a delicate charm and refinement.  Adding a little lace to your gem tattoo or vice versa gives a three-dimensional effect to the artwork.

Lace has such distinct line work that it helps billow around the gems and create a more cohesive design.

Garter or Lace Stockings

A very trendy lace tattoo is the garter or lace stocking. This simple tattoo works in black and gray or in color. This design is a beautiful and feminine design with plenty of sex appeal. Similar to corsets or garter belts, this lace tattoo design has a playful and seductive spin.

Most lace tattoos can fit anywhere on the body but this particular design is made specifically for the upper thigh. For a more traditional garter look, add decorative flourishes and dangles. It’s also a great design to add colors such as red or white to.

Large Lacy Designs

It’s easy for an artist at a tattoo shop to create a beautiful and intricate pattern. Tattooed lace can make this process even easier. You can use lace to create a peacock or a bow along your thigh, for example.

Those rhythmic lines and patterns of the lace look great on the skin. Some lace tattoo designs can even look like a shawl over your shoulders. The lace also softens any part of the body versus typical large, bold tattoos.

Skull Tattoos

Lace and skulls are classic, timeless designs that combine beauty and death elegantly. You could choose to surround the skull with lace or you could also use the lace pattern to create this skull design. A popular piece involves a candy skull and looks especially good when lace is incorporated.

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Choosing the Placement of Your Tattoo

Lace tattoo designs are some of the most versatile tattoo designs around. They can fit on every area of the body and add a special artistic touch. But there are certain designs that definitely work better in some places than others.

Hands and Wrist

Having a lace tattoo on your fingers and wrist creates a delicate, billowy design that works well along those elegant bones. The lace design can also be made to look like a ring that connects to a larger wrist design. Some people have also created a small bracelet of lace as a tattoo.


Patterns along shoulders and collar bones can wrap around the area and accentuate your curves. And a lace tattoo design might flow around the shoulder or collar bone to allow elements of the design to drape towards your biceps. It’s sharp, it’s bold, and it’s a unique spot for a lace tattoo.


Lace tattoo designs along the neck can create a very Victorian vibe. One design could mimic a choker that wraps firmly around your neck. You could make these thin or thick designs based on your body type or build.

You could also have the lace design draped like a necklace around your neck or incorporate designs to work along the back of the nape of your neck. More ideas can be found on the Las Vegas tattoo blog.


The back is a large canvas to accommodate an elaborate lace design. You could have a graceful chandelier-type design using flowing beads and chains. Or you can create a more cohesive design using hearts, birds, or a more abstract design.

Legs and Ankle

Lace tattoo designs not only make for a great garter piece but can be used as an anklet too. This design is perfect to wrap around the bones of the ankle and follow your curves magnificently. Loose beads and dangles are also great touches for the toes as they favor a henna-like design.


Lace is tantalizing and depending on where you place your tattoo, it can really add to its effect. Adding lace alongside your bellybutton or underneath the breasts can help push the appeal. These types of lace designs also work great with any piercings you may have.

The Bottom Line

Lace TattooGetting a tattoo is a choice that only you should make. Yet, if you’re ready for something symbolic of beauty, grace, and sensuality than a lace tattoo is your answer. It’s a multipurpose, customizable design perfect for any person.

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