Popular Tattoos: Top 9 Most Popular Tattoo Styles of All Time

Popular Tattoos: Top 9 Most Popular Tattoo Styles of All Time

At Teitan Tattoo minimalist tattoos are just one of several popular tattoo styles. Keep reading for popular tattoos: top 9 most popular tattoo styles of all time.

Do you know every popular tattoo style? With this list, you’ll be thinking twice. From new school styles to blackwork designs, there are a plethora of tattoo styles to choose from. But with this extensive guide, you can find what you like and what you don’t. Let’s take a look at nine of the most well-known tattoo styles of all time:

Traditional American Tattoos 

The traditional American style is one of the most recognizable styles of tattoos. Featuring bold lines, shiny colors, and classic designs like roses, anchors, and eagles. The traditional America style has adapted and evolved over time to encompass years of America culture.

Not to mention, it’s one style that ages gracefully so you don’t have to pay for touch-ups every few years. Instead, it maintains its color, readability, and meaning for years to come.

Japanese Designs 

As one of the oldest and yet one of the most beloved tattoos on this list, Japanese tattoos have been popular for ages. Since they tell a story of Japanese folklore, Japanese tattoos are known to feature mythological creatures, Japanese heroes, and woodblock prints. Small Japanese symbols are perfect for wrist tattoos.

While traditional Japanese artists tattoo by hand; however, many modern artists use machines to complete their work. Since Japanese designs tend to be large, detailed, and vibrant with color, many artists suggest abiding by tattoo aftercare rules. If the tattoo is not cared for properly, it can become infected.

Tribal Styles

Tribal tattoos were established by Polynesian and Pacific communities centuries ago. The word tattoo was even established by the Samoan word tatau, which means “to mark.” Today, tribal tattoos have become popular for their uniqueness as well as their ability to represent personal freedom.

Although in today’s mass media, tribal tattoos have become known to be worn by men. While women’s tribal tattoos are abundant; however, their styling is different from men’s. With styles that echo feminine features and embrace a person’s sexuality, tribal tattoos have become one of the most requested tattoos in the business.

Popular Blackwork Styles 

Blackwork tattoos feature black ink and negative space to design tattoos with high contrast. Tattoo artists use a variety of concepts such as geometric shapes, linework, and ornamental designs to create unique tattoos. Many artists experiment with the style borrowing ascetic features from tribal tattoos and abstract patterns.

The blackwork style has a long history of popularity dating back to ancient times. Even today, blackwork is considered one of the most popular tattoos of all time. Due to its simplicity, blackwork has garnered a limitless aesthetic.

Popular Tattoos Featuring Black and Grey  

Black and grey tattoos require an artist to have extensive knowledge of black ink. Since grey can have a negative impact on a design, most artists tend not to work with it. However, those that do need to know how to contrast in order to prevent the design from looking muddy.

Black and grey tattoos have increased in popularity due to social media. There are a plethora of patterns that feature geometric shapes, linework, animals, and even lettering.

Portrait Designs

Portrait tattoos have gained popularity from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and other social media sites. The goal of portrait tattoos is to replicate the photo given, so the tattoo has an exceptional likeness to the photograph. These tattoos tend to have great significance to the person; whether it’s a favorite celebrity, a deceased loved one, or a beloved cat.

However, portrait tattoos tend to take a long time to complete. On average, a portrait tattoo takes between seven to twelve hours to finish. In order to accomplish such precise detailing, portrait tattoos cannot be rushed.

Abstract Styles 

Instead of featuring physical objects, abstract tattoos use linework, geometric shapes, and splatter to create breathtaking designs. Tattoo artists usually freehanded these designs on to the client to cover large spaces quickly. That way, unlike other tattoo styles, abstract tattoos don’t take as long to create.

While abstract tattoos may seem as if they have no meaning at all, the truth is quite the contrary. Abstract tattoos can be a personal reflection, a hint at evolution, or a person’s love for art. The personal nature of abstract tattoos makes it one of the most popular tattoos.

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Illustrative Designs

Illustrative tattoos focus much of its techniques on fine art. Using skills like contouring, hatching, and fine line calligraphy, illustrative tattoos have become a favorite among art lovers. Due to its versatile style, tattoo artists can blend in their unique aesthetic and create a new approach.

Over the years, illustrative tattoos have grown in popularity due to social media sites. Especially on Instagram, where art has been a fan favorite for the site. With its artsy style, illustrative tattoos stand out as one of the more popular tattoos for personal expression. More popular tattoo designs for first timers.

Watercolor Tattoos 

Watercolor tattoos are another example of fine arts contribution to the tattoo industry. Instead of immortalizing drawings on your body like illustrative tattoos, watercolor tattoos embrace painting. Many tattoo artists can replicate famous paintings, use concepts to create brush strokes, and create pastel colors on the skin.

The use of watercolor tattoos has become a new trend, like illustrative tattoos, social media has played a big factor in influencing tattoo styles. However, rumored to not age well, many people have become hesitate on receiving a watercolor tattoo. While some love the tat for its artsy musings, watercolor tattoos are still seen as a risky choice.

Popular New School Styles 

The term new school isn’t so new, after all. Instead, the style of new school tattoos has evolved from the early ’80s to the late ’90s. These tattoos feature bright colors, animated characters, and unbalanced portions.

The style is often referred to as “cartoonish” for it’s heavy outlining and realistic shading methods. However, the style is reminiscent of American’s culture of that time period. As one of the most sought after styles, new school tattoos are beloved for their wacky potential.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, tattoo styles range from detailed and simplistic to wacky and cartoonish. However, today’s tattoo trends primary revolves around fine art.

With styles like illustrative, portrait design, and black and grey styles, innovative tattoo design is on the rise. If you ever want to get one of these popular tattoos, contact us on our tattoo blog.